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protect your building with a living wall

Living Wall Benefit

Structural Protection

Protecting structures from both ultraviolet rays and acid rain is becoming increasingly important. Many buildings must stand up to driving rain, temperature changes, direct sunlight and corrosive dust particles in the air.  Living walls provide a natural answer to these considerations.  The combination of plants and soil provide effective protection against rain and wind, furthermore 50% of solar energy is absorbed by foliage and a further 30% is reflected.  When compared to cladding, paints and other building coatings which deteriorate, green walls can be an effective solution for the long term sustainability of a structure.

building without a living wall

A standard building facade can deteriorate and look unappealing in the long term.

living walls at the olympics

Living walls can protect the building from the sun and the weather.

exterior green roof

A green roof and living wall can be used together to maximise the buildings sustainability.