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Indoor Living Walls

Indoor live vertical gardens that grow instantly.  Turn any interior instantly into a fresh, healthy environment with living walls of plants. People have always tried to bring the benefits of nature inside their homes and workspaces. But what used to be limited to pot plants has been liberated with the arrival of living green walls.

Vertical screens of lush foliage bring the stuffiest inside space to life; installed as floor to ceiling feature walls they create a visual impact anywhere and can transform dull, functional corridors and waiting spaces into attractive indoor vertical gardens. More than this, living walls offer major health benefits too: cleaning the indoor air, balancing humidity and lifting the spirits.

An indoor living wall inside an office

Why plant an ANS Living Wall inside?

  • Living wall art with bespoke design makes a brand statement in retail spaces or reception areas
  • Use as a living wall room divider to section office space or partition meeting areas
  • Interior living walls creates a striking interior design feature in homes
  • Choose from wide range of foliage and flowering plants
  • Brings seasonal variations in natural leaf and bloom colours indoors
  • Modular with fully automated irrigation system
  • Easy maintenance – our expert teams can visit regularly
  • Helps balance humidity in stuffy interiors and improve air quality

Special benefits in offices

  • Green Walls turns stressful workspaces into attractive, green environments
  • Living plants improves work rates, relaxes and lifts mood
  • Reduces noise levels and aids concentration
  • Gives a green, modern image to your company
  • Eco friendly walls helps combat poor air conditioning and drying heating
  • Helps filters pollutants and combat computer emissions
  • Shows a forward thinking and eco responsible corporate ethos
A beautiful green wall inside a modern complex
An interior green wall on a wall of a house

Stunning design feature in homes

  • Dramatic addition to modern interior design as indoor plant wall
  • Relaxing visual feature in any room
  • Plants on walls creates indoor all season garden
  • Increases property value and ‘saleability’
  • Divides and defines living spaces with vertical gardens
  • Transforms apartment block landings and corridors with green wall details
  • Improve home air quality
  • Adds texture and softens walls or harsh lighting
The living wall you provided has been much admired by all our visiting guests. Your guys have been most helpful, friendly and enthusiastic. We were excited at the installation and the wall has amazed our friends and families when visiting us.