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Outdoor Living Walls

Turn wasted external walls into vertical outdoor gardens – ideal for commercial and residential property

Any vertical surface can be transformed into a living wall of plants. They can disguise eyesores, reinvent urban wastelands, enhance any cityscape and add stunning visual impact to every public space, whether indoors or out. Plant them with lush foliage, colourful flowers or swaying grasses; form into living logos, letters or images – this living architecture lets you be really creative. Take a look at how you can feel the benefits of an exterior living wall.

An eye catching living wall on the outside of a modern building

Why add an exterior ANS Living Wall?

  • Instant eye catching impact on the street
  • Protects exterior walls from weather damage and corrosion
  • Adds to urban biodiversity: attracts bees, butterflies, insects, bats and birds
  • Keeps building cooler in summer as well as warmer in winter
  • Reduces building’s overall carbon footprint
  • Adds sound insulation from city noise
  • Pre-grown modules create instant visual results
  • Modular system means easy installation and maintenance

A big brand statement for businesses

  • Makes your green credentials clear in retail locations
  • Attracts customers and gets your business noticed
  • Adds eco luxury to hotel facades, restaurants and other leisure venues
  • Makes hospitals, libraries and public facilities attractive and easy to find
  • Differentiates your company from competitors
  • Promotes pride and feel good factor from staff
An outdoor living wall on the side of an M&S
A walkway of outdoor living walls at a residential property

A multi-functional design feature for homes

  • Beautifies and softens any style of architecture
  • Achieves street standout from neighbouring properties
  • Adds value and saleability
  • Reduces energy costs, insulates and protects the home
  • Adds vertical gardens in small urban homes with restricted space
  • Creates stunning design features in residential gardens
  • Suitable for high rise apartment blocks as well as townhouses and single storey villas
The living wall – surrounding Cote Brasserie’s outdoor terrace – is a fantastic addition to the Mailbox’s bustling canalside area. The natural lush greenery perfectly complements the urban backdrop of the Mailbox and offers visitors an oasis of calm in a busy city centre. ANS Global was great to work with – the team understood our vision and requirements from the offset and met these with enthusiasm and top quality service.