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The 4 Stages to a Beautiful Living Wall


A successful living wall project starts with a thorough planning and design stage. Living walls are such a visual feature so our design team will prepare a range of visualisations to help you decide on exactly what plant mix and features you want to include. Our full proposal includes project costs, visualisations and timescales. This puts you in control of the process and gives you the confidence to sign off the proposal.

A landscape architect draws a plan of living wall integrated into a building design with swathes of plant varieties.

We love getting creative when planning an ANS LivingWall.

Plant lists showing a range of plant species suitable for us in living walls.

We have a range of tried and tested plant lists for each environment.

A designer uses Photoshop to create a render of a living wall on a building.

Our design team can produce accurate renders showing the finished effect.


Once our proposal has been signed off we produce a full planting plan in our bespoke software. Our team will select the plants needed for the living wall and plant them into the ANS LivingWall modules. As the modules are planted, they are placed vertically (pictured) to fill out and grow prior to delivery to site. We normally allow for a minimum establishment time of 3-4 weeks for internal living walls and 6-8 weeks for external.

Colour-coded planting sheets being prepared for the planting of a living wall.

Our planting plans use colour-coding to show what plant goes where.

A nursery worker loads plants onto a trolley for use in a living wall.

Our dedicated nursery team have years of experience in horticulture.

Close up shot of purple flowers with a fly pollinating them on the ANS Global nursery.

A range of plants are kept growing on our nursery at all times.


Our standard method is to fix back to an existing structure, such as concrete or brickwork. We can also add a steel or timber frame if required. The living wall modules are pre-grown providing instant impact from the day of installation. We have improved our method over the years and can always find a way to bring your dream to reality. Our friendly team are renowned for their fast work and maintaining a neat and tidy site.

A diagram showing the ANS LivingWall module during installation.

The standard build-up of our modular ANS LivingWall system

Detail shot of a worker installing a living wall with plants in the foreground.

Our installation team in action, transforming vertical surfaces.

A construction worker on a raised platform installs an ANS LivingWall module

The modular nature of the system makes it quick to install.


All living walls require a maintenance schedule, which will be tailored to each project based on the location, aspect, plant mix, light levels and seasonal changes. Our teams will remove any airborne weeds, dead leaves and check for pests or diseases. The irrigation is recalibrated for each season. We will always maintain a tidy workspace and our friendly team will do their best to answer any questions while on site.

A trained green wall maintenance team working on an ANS Global project.

Our maintenance team during a horticultural visit.

A living wall maintenance expert adjusting the irrigation system.

Our irrigation system can be adjusted for each season.

A maintenance worker clearing up after trimming a living wall.

Our team will clear up after themselves before leaving site.