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Living Wall Case Study

Alie Street

25m² - 150m²
1 week
Image showing a living wall at the front of a Sainsbury's
Angled shot showing street with a living wall running along the side
A living wall around some planters
Side angle showing a living wall under a row of windows
Client background: 

No.1 Alie Street is excellently located right on the City of London’s eastern boundary, by the EC3/E1 border. It is just ten minutes from Liverpool Street, with Aldgate, Aldgate East, Tower Hill, Tower Gateway and Fenchurch Street all within five minutes.

Scope of works: 

The wall doesn’t need to be tall.  We have installed a living plinth around a refurbished office and retail site in Alie Street, City of London. The single row of living wall modules softens the hardness of the concrete and will help to absorb the dust created by constant traffic within the City where greenery is very lacking.

Case Study Location

33 Mansell St
E1 8AA
United Kingdom