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4th January 2017

ANS Living Wall System Celebrates 10 year Anniversary

Well, 2017 has arrived and we’re all getting started on making the year a huge success. Here at ANS Global we are celebrating ten years of our living wall system.  Back in 2007 we completed our first ever living wall project at Sevenoaks in Kent and this was shortly followed by one of our most notable projects at Westfield Shopping Centre in London.

Over the years we have been honoured to have our living wall system chosen for many amazing projects.  Architects across the world have selected our system and used us as a trusted business partner to install and maintain living walls of the highest standard.  We have also developed a network of certified partners to install our living wall system in different areas of the globe. 

Our system has been adapted and improved over the ten years and we now have a proven and successful method of installing stunning living walls that can last infinitely with the correct maintenance in place. Some of the key reasons that the system has proved so successful are:

  • We believe in making solutions based on nature and therefore use natural organic soil to support healthy plant growth

  • Our living wall system can be used both inside buildings and outside in a range of climates around the world as we chose from hundreds of plant varieties

  • The modular design of our system allows for pre-planting off site and fast installation

  • The system contains 96 plants per square meter, this gives full coverage and allows for stunning patterns and even wording to be created with foliage

  • Vertical planting relies on plants getting enough water to support healthy growth, our built in irrigation system is hidden from view and carefully calibrated for each plant type and season

  • Furthermore our system is manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled material and contains no man-made growing mediums, mineral wools or other fibres